A Lawn Chair Gardener’s Guide

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Entertaining and easy to read, A Lawn Chair Gardener’s Guide offers a road map for the earth-conscience gardeners who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the yard, but desire to grow edible and beneficial plants. Mixing one part gardening, one part concern for the environment, and one part personal growth, auth and Master Gardener Dawn Pape sets out to change the world, on yard at a time, Pape’s low-maintenance “Lawn Chair” gardens create habitat, conserve water, reduce the gardener’s carbon footprint, and eliminate the need for chemicals. Best of all, she makes it easy. Pape has a knack for explaining complex topics like organic gardening and companion planting in a very approachable way. You too can grow your own food, improve your little corner of the world, and transform your yard into an oasis.

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