Although this book is fiction, it offers actual solutions to the very real issues of the climate crisis and environmental racism. In this book, people who are responsible for egregious greenhouse gas emissions are ejected from the planet. The “Ejected” unite around the mission to decrease emission levels, so the world can support them once again. Will they manage to implement the solutions in time to return to their loved ones?

Written by an award-winning author and a licensed teacher, Dawn Pape has a history of weaving serious problems with humor to create memorable stories that inspire action. This entertaining book doubles as an educational manual on how to end the climate crisis—perfect for individuals and classroom teachers.

The author hopes this book will bring the critical solutions outlined in the book into daily conversations that will unite people around taking action. Without solidarity, our trajectory is headed toward a climate unfit for humans within the foreseeable future. Why is there any hesitation in getting started?

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