Although this book is fiction, it offers actual solutions to the very real issues of the climate crisis and environmental racism. In this book, people who are responsible for egregious greenhouse gas emissions are ejected from the planet. The “Ejected” unite around the mission to decrease emission levels, so the world can support them once again. Will they manage to implement the solutions in time to return to their loved ones?

Written by an award-winning author and a licensed teacher, Dawn Pape has a history of weaving serious problems with humor to create memorable stories that inspire action. This entertaining book doubles as an educational manual on how to end the climate crisis—perfect for individuals and classroom teachers.

The author hopes this book will bring the critical solutions outlined in the book into daily conversations that will unite people around taking action. Without solidarity, our trajectory is headed toward a climate unfit for humans within the foreseeable future. Why is there any hesitation in getting started?

book cover

Defenders of the future

We are proud to present our new book.

Defenders of the Future—Tackle Today’s Water Troubles. A Story with Lessons, Activities, and Resources for Grades 3+ / written by Dawn Pape, illustrated by Lisa Sacchi.

Since this story is filled with dense content and big issues, the author suggests following the book’s layout and reading only a few pages of the story at a time followed by a corresponding activity delineated by dotted borders to help the students absorb the information before moving on to the next “mission.”

This book doesn’t dance around real-world water challenges, but faces them head on. Combining science and social studies, the defenders of the future characters interact with the talking water cycle character. The story reveals how, even though humans are negatively impacting the water cycle, regular people (like your students!) can use their super strengths to turn these challenges around. 

New Release-January 16, 2018

Maxwell Snacks Well front cover
Maxwell Snacks Well front cover

‘Tis the season to rethink our eating habits–and it’s never too early to start!

After Maxwell learns the hard truth that eating junk food isn’t as glamorous as he envisions, he not only embraces healthy-eating, he defends it! Maxwell takes the readers on an adventurous tour of the foods growing right in his yard and uses invisible force fields and ninja skills to protect his healthy harvests from attacking monsters and invaders. Along the way, he shares gardening knowledge he’s learned from his mom and the secret to successful crops.

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You asked, we listened-and DELIVERED!

Thank you to the scores of people who inquired about making a teacher’s guide to accompany Mason Meets a Mason Bee. Thank you also for your input on what type of information you’d like it to contain. We hope you like it!

Mason Meets a Mason Bee with K-5 Educator's Guide book cover
Mason Meets a Mason Bee with K-5 Educator’s Guide book cover

Small Company, Big Goals: Make the World a Better Place–One Yard at a Time